FUN ENGLISH HOUSEでは、初心者の方から上級者の方まで安心してレッスンを受けて頂けるよう、




Hello Everyone, my name is Mac.Nice to meet you. Iʼm from Minnesota, USA. Minnesota is famous for its minus 50 degree winter and 40 degree summers.Please come visit us during thefall time.I enjoy learning new languages.Currently, I have the N2 of the Japanese Language Proficiency Test and learning Spanish in myfree time.My specialty is business English and speech coaching, but I enjoy teaching all ages. Iʼll teach you everything youʼll need to know to sound like a native speaker in any situation.Letʼs do our best and learn English together!



こんにちは!マリナです。ブラジル出身です。若い頃から海外に住むことは夢でしたのでずっと英語の勉強してきました。趣味はアニメと音楽です。色んな人と話することが好きです。 話しながら英語の勉強しましょう!

Hi everyone, my name is Marina. I’m from Brazil, the other side of the world. Since I was a kid, I have always wanted to live and study abroad. For that reason I have been studying English for many years now. My hobbies are watching anime and listening to music. Let’s have fun talking and learning English!


Mariel (マリエル)



Hello, My name is Mariell. I am a half Japanese and half Filipino who is born and raised in the Philippines. I am raised with a big family around me and I think this is where I get the the passion of being with kids and the empathy in teaching. Oh, I love traveling and beach too! Can’t wait to meet you, and get to know your likes and favorites too while learning a fun English together!